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Send change of address notices to banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, government agencies, friends, family, and any subscriptions or memberships you have.

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To avoid any service disruption, it’s best to arrange to have your utilities disconnected the day after you move and connected at your new location the day before you arrive.

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Questions Everyone Should Ask BEFORE Booking a Moving Company

Every moving company invoices their clients differently. Here are a few questions we have found helpful to our clients so as to avoid excessive charges added to their bill at the end of a move.

Two Small Men Victoria does not in any way mean to imply that all other companies will charge all these charges; these are simply examples of charges we have encountered over our many years doing business being added on to customers bills by other companies. Two Small Men Victoria has a business philosophy that you should know your moving costs ahead of time to prepare you for the true cost of your move and remove extra stress at the end of your move. We hope these suggestions are helpful for you in deciding which of the moving companies is best suited to you.

Policies and Charges To be Aware of

All moving companies have a travel time policy in one way or another, even if they state otherwise. The information you need is when do they start the clock on your move and when do they stop it.


  • If the moving company is 40 minutes from your home and starts clock when they leave their yard until they estimate return – this could mean a travel time of an hour and a half being charged to you.
  • If moving from Victoria to Sooke, they could add a additional area charge of $50 or more. Some companies may even charge you per km.

Two Small Men will quote you a flat rate of travel and stick to it, regardless of any traffic issues getting to and from your home.

If they still insist they have no travel time:

  • Ask if there are any AREA charges or KILOMETER charges.

Two Small Men provides fully equipped trucks for your move with all included in our hourly rate.

This includes:

  • Dollies (2 wheel & 4 wheels with straps)
  • quilted moving pads
  • piano skids and straps
  • tape
  • shrink wrap (to secure doors and drawers and protect upholstery)
  • wardrobe cartons and all straps and tools required to complete job
  • All this equipment is supplied as part of a move with no extra charges for its use.

Questions You Should Ask:

  • Are there extra charges for tape, shrink wrap
  • if there is a charge for shrink wrap
  • do they charge by the piece of furniture or by the roll and if your furniture is insured if you refuse its use)
  • do they charge for pads, dollies, straps or wardrobe cartons.

Are there any charges for:

  • stairs
  • elevators
  • long walks from truck to residence or in apartment hallways

We have seen by the stair charges as well as by the foot charges for truck to residence. Once again, all local moves by Two Small Men are charged by the hour and no more.

Two Small Men has a flat rate, 1 time $30 fuel charge for all local moves within 50k of our yard.

This assists us with the extreme fluctuations in fuel prices in our present market and has allowed us to avoid raising our hourly rates for over 2 years now.


Questions to Ask:

  • how much fuel charge
  • is it by the hour or by a percentage of your total bill( which on a 12% rate would be an extra $120 per thousand dollars of move cost, before tax)

Some Moving Companies charge for disassembly or reassembly of furniture.

Always ask:

  • do the moving company charge extra for disassembly or reassembly of furniture
  • is it included in hourly rate (as it of course is with Two Small Men Victoria).

Some companies add adminitration fees and insurance charges to your moves.

  • You need to know if they do.
    • If so how much for each.We know of a company that charges $75 for each

In the case of a move that takes more than a day:

  • is these charges on a daily basis or a by the truck basis in the case of a move taking more than one truck to complete.

Once again, Two Small Men Victoria includes all these costs in our hourly rate.

We have all heard of the unfortunate moving horror stories out there, and it is part of what makes moving your home such a stressful process.

You need to make sure that:

  • any company you choose has the equipment
  • professional manpower
  • all of the cargo insurance
  • W.C.B. insurance needed to complete your move in such a way that no liability is incurred by you for your move

It really is a case of you get what you pay for. If a company is charging $69 an hour how fully covered could they afford to be after fuel, labour and equipment charges.

Also, if they have a one truck or two truck operation how are you protected in having your service provided to you in case of breakdown.

Two Small Men Victoria has:

  • 5-vehicle fleet
  • fully insured
  • maintains full W.C.B. protection for its employees and customers
  • maintains a rigorous maintenance program to ensure they are always ready to go

It is very important to ask your mover:

  • if they carry W.C.B. on their employees
  • if they have cargo insurance
  • if their trucks are inspected.

If they do not carry these requirements and they damage a piece of your furniture, or they get into an accident, your belongings will not be covered.

If their employee hurts themselves on your property, they can sue you directly if there is no W.C.B. coverage.

Additional Charges To be Aware of

Click the links to read more informaion.

We shrink wrap all items, no charge.

Some companies charge $5 to $10 per item. If you don’t want to pay that, they may inform you that those pieces not shrink wrapped are not insured.

Some companies will charge you $2 per roll of tape

Sometimes a piece of furniture is too large for 1 furniture pad so you need to tape it on.

Some companies have access charges. This applies usually when:

  • there are stairs outside or inside, they may charge you so much a stair
  • if they have to walk a certain distance, they may charge you so much a foot above their allotted distance

Some companies may charge equipment use such as:

  • using their pads
  • using their dollies

Some companies may charge you a percentage of your job for fuel.

If your bill is $1,000 and they charge 12%, that is an additional $120 fuel charge on top of the $1,000 moving costs.


Some companies may charge you administration fees

Some companies will charge a fee for your paperwork.





Helpful Hints

  • Use strong boxes with closable lids such as Banana boxes.
  • Smaller boxes will cause the moving crew to take more time and trips back and forth from house to truck.
  • If you cannot afford large sized boxes, we suggest looking through the free section of Used Victoria. Many people give away boxes from previous moves.
  • Take small items like small pictures, plants, lamps and clothing and pack to move in your own vehicle. This will save the moving crew time and you money.
  • Prepare by disassembling bed frames, dresser mirrors, desks, TV’s and stereo equipment and household appliances. If appliances have gas lines, the moving crew is not authorized to disconnect these types of connection lines.
  • Make sure all access areas to the house are clear; such as walkways, driveways and hallways.